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Innfinito Studio is a family owned business founded in 2008 with the values of customer satisfaction through transparency, honesty and ethics. The company has been built by great people with different talents and qualifications that make it a great team. We are Architects, Graphic Designers, Landscape Designers, Interior Designers & Decorators, Drafters and a Marketing Specialist for High-End brands.


Juan Carlos Pulido

Founder & Principal

Juan Carlos is the founder and Principal of INNFINITO STUDIO. Originally from Colombia decided to explore places and live new adventures. With this dream on his mind he moved from Bogota and started to call home the beautiful Southern California.

Even though he went to school for Electric Engineering he found his true passion through Landscape Design and Construction. For the first years upon his arrival to California he participated in the creation of a Landscape Construction and design firm with one of his closest friends. This is where he got most of his experience on the field.

With all the knowledge acquired from experiencing the day to day operations of the industry he decided to complete the missing portion and graduated as a Drafting and Landscape Designer.

JC as some friends call him, dedicates his free time to play and watch football (Soccer), cook for his friends and lots of traveling when possible to keep exploring.

Andrés Pulido

Project Manager

Andres has been part of our team for 3 years since he finished his bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Andres is the youngest of 3 siblings that work together in this company and is the person in charge of working with the clients on a daily basis.

Andres moved to California 12 years ago to explore the world and open new horizons. After making his decision of going to Art School, Andres spent some years in Fullerton College and Cal State Fullerton. Once he was done, with school as a Graphic Designer, he joined the team, becoming the person that works hand to hand with all our clients.

Offering a customized experience he is committed to work with the clients listening to them, turning their ideas into possible and real projects and guiding them in the process of making their beautiful design. While not at work you can find Andres playing soccer or flying airplanes which is another of his passions.

Viviana Pulido

Marketing Strategist

As a professional in Finance and International Relationships decides to offer a service to the public but through an inspiring channel; fashion. Continued her studies in Luxury Marketing Management at Instituto Europeo di Design in Roma, Italy. Years after with the purpose of offering solid advice in a field that usually falls into informality, she specializes as Image consultant in Barcelona, Spain.

After working in marketing for known local firms in Colombia and worldwide  known as Mercedes Benz, she developed her own Image consulting service initially for individuals and then for homes.

At Innfinito we offer this vision to generate ideas that transcend, incorporating elements that deliver a message and are not only limited by its motionless body.

Viviana , Mother of Pablo considers herself very fortunate  as her job is to create , there are not schedules for this, having her son as an inspiration is where she prints the spirit of her proposals for  Innfinito Studio.

Robert Lugo

Lead Designer

Robert joined Innfinito Studio while he was finishing his studies in Architecture. By then he didn’t have much experience but he did have a lot of willingness to learn and knowledge to contribute with.

His expectations when he joined the team were to explore in this new branch of design, in which he didn’t have much knowledge and also opening a new world of possibilities. That’s how he started to get interested in Landscape Design by creating unique environments for each person, in which they co-exist.


Robert is now a graduated Architect and lead designer of Innfinito Studio, you will see his input in every single project that is delivered.


Robert considers himself as a very family oriented person, he loves to read, he is becoming an expert in horticulture and visits iconic architectural buildings every time there is an opportunity.  He is convinced we all learn new things every day, and that knowledge can be applied to our personal or professional life.

Daniel Estupiñan

Associate Designer

As a professional in Interior Design, Daniel started to make part of Innfinito Studio in 2019. His experience in decoration and 3d rendering make the design process of the company more elaborated.

With a vast experience in Architectural modeling and visualization he is a key element of the team as all the projects have his input and final signature before being presented to the clients.

He has always felt an inclination for art particularly for paintings in such a way they have transformed from a hobby into a regular activity permitting himself develop a great imagination.

He considers himself as a very family oriented person, so the tries to spend a good amount of time surrounded by his loved ones.

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